VBI Imperial Chambers

The Project.

Refurbishment to create 13 apartments.

The Challenge.

As with all projects, time is money! We knew the client had not only a finite budget, but a non-negotiable deadline. Adherence to strict criteria and conditions was paramount if we were to succeed and deliver a quality result to a delighted client.

“Refurbishment projects are often more challenging than new-build ones as builders often have to work within pre-existing parameters instead of starting with a blank canvas. Midas not only instilled confidence that they were up to the task, but delivered in a manner which far outweighed even our high expectations. The fact that some of the ‘extra mile’ aspects of the project were carried out or planned before we even had to ask for them was an added bonus for which we were extremely thankful, as it reduced significantly our speed to market for new occupants of the building.”
Andy Mines
Director, VBI

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