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Stapeley Broad Lane Nursery


We are committed to having a positive social impact on the people and the communities that we serve. Midas Construction are also in the process of completing a CSR Accreditation that also encompasses our ESG commitment.

The Project.

To demonstrate this commitment, we were delighted to fully fund this time sensitive project to ensure that the nursery was ready for the children in time for opening.


The nursery faced a challenge with last-minute planning, particularly regarding the placement of a water table and a pathway through the garden. After careful consideration, we designed a delightful turfed garden, complete with playful ‘dinosaur humps’ for the children.


We also installed a durable flagged path, ensuring wheelchair accessibility and usability in various weather conditions. This path includes a dedicated area for water tables, enabling engaging water play activities. Additionally, we improved the storage area for outdoor toys, transforming it from a muddy space into a more functional and tidier zone. We addressed the issue of water puddling on the existing pathway, which hindered access to the nursery.


Our intervention ensures that the children can now traverse this area without getting wet feet. We also donated toys, bricks and blocks for the children to play in their new beautiful play area.


We received a letter of gratitude.


On behalf Stapeley Broad Lane Preschool, I would like to say an enormous thank you for everything you have donated to our outdoor area. Providing workmen and resources at such short notice to help us create a learning space for the children, was incredibly kind of you. What you have done is going to make a huge difference to what we can provide the children in our care.


Having a path to allow access around the building and a space for water play, gives us more freedom to use the space in all weathers. Additionally, laying turf has made the area look so presentable as well as creating an inviting area for our children to run around and enjoy being outdoors. We cannot wait to get on there in a few weeks’ time!


We really would have been lost without your generosity, you have contributed significantly to the Preschool, and I know it will help us to recruit new children because you’ve made the area usable and exciting”.

Natalie Newson, Preschool Manager

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