Old Hall, Lower Withington

The Project.

This project was a complete new build of approximately 3000 sq. ft., designed as an eco-friendly home. Key features included the installation of solar panels and an air source heating system, aligning with modern sustainable living standards.

The Challenge.

A primary requirement from the client was to achieve a high level of insulation and robust soundproofing in the home. This necessitated the incorporation of multiple layers throughout the construction process, including block and beam floors and thicker insulation materials. These additions were essential to create the desired effect and ensure the home met the client’s specifications for comfort and efficiency.

The Results.

The project culminated in the creation of a modern, spacious, and contemporary home that is both eco-friendly and family-oriented. With children in mind, the client aimed to build a durable and lasting residence.


The use of solar panels to generate electricity, coupled with an air source heating system capable of providing both hot and cold air as well as water heating, exemplifies the commitment to eco-friendly technology.


The construction was carried out using traditional brick and block methods, ensuring the property remained in keeping with the surrounding area. This new build stands as a testament to sustainable living without compromising on style and functionality.

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