Dig Lane, Wybunbury

The Project.

The objective of this project was to expand the family living space by extending from the existing kitchen area into the patio. This extension aimed to create a large lounge area that seamlessly incorporates the kitchen, thereby significantly enhancing the overall living environment of the home.

The Challenge.

A major obstacle encountered during this project was the limited access along the side of the property, which posed a significant challenge for material transportation. To mitigate this, we meticulously planned the delivery schedules, ensuring timely arrival of materials. This planning was crucial as the restricted space available on-site limited our capacity to store materials.

The Results.

The completion of this project has remarkably transformed the living experience for the family, who had previously outgrown their living space. They can now enjoy a spacious and accommodating environment that aligns with the size of the family and their specific requirements.

This enhancement has been achieved without the necessity of relocating, thus providing a substantial improvement to their quality of life within their existing home.

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