Cranage, Cheshire

The Project.

To construct a luxurious four-bedroom, four-bathroom residence in the prestigious area of Cheshire. The project aims to create a living space that not only provides comfort and privacy but also embodies elegance and modernity through its design and amenities.

The Challenge.

The project’s site was a garden plot, presenting unique challenges regarding the preservation of the existing property and ensuring adequate access. The complexity was heightened by the property’s intricate roof design, which required extensive steelwork to achieve the desired aesthetic and structural integrity. Collaborating closely with the client, we navigated these challenges thoughtfully, crafting innovative solutions to align with their vision while adhering to the set budget. This meticulous approach ensured the seamless integration of the new residence within its environment, underscoring our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

The Results.

In this project, we developed a substantial four-bedroom, four-bathroom property, strategically situated in a coveted location. The design includes a new, expansive kitchen, living, and dining area that serves as the heart of the home, fostering an open and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, we undertook some external landscaping to enhance the property’s curb appeal and create harmonious outdoor living spaces. This holistic approach ensured the residence not only met but exceeded expectations, offering both luxury and functionality in a desirable setting.

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