Public Sector

Cheshire Academy

The Project.

Having received funding from WREN, the academy set about refurbishing the main hall and toilets.

The Challenge.

Since the students have particular needs that go beyond those of a conventional project of this type, the Midas team went ‘back to school’ to understand fully what needed to be done if it was to meet the requirements of users. Over many a chocolate biscuit and burning some midnight oil, the Midas crew worked out the optimal solution that would minimise disruption while allowing for vital works to be undertaken. And rarely is this more challenging than a new toilet block; let’s face it, the need to use them is both important and urgent!  Furthermore, once the plan was agreed after close collaboration and consultation with the academy’s staff, Midas had just 8 working weeks to hand over the project, fully completed and ready to use, to the client.

The Results.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Jason Marshall and his team dedicated themselves to one promise only over those eight weeks.  And deliver it they did!  “We knew from the outset this was going to require very tight control and discipline,” says Jason, “but the needs of the users just drove us to pull out all the stops to make it happen.”  The Midas Construction staff worked both behind the scenes to get materials delivered on a just-in-time basis and the on-site crew worked tirelessly to make significant progress on a daily basis, with Jason on hand and with a direct line of constant communication to Jane. The upshot: a state-of-the-art, modern facility that makes life easier and more accessible to the students of the Cheshire Academy of Integrated Sports & Arts. 

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